SLIP, POP 50 kr 80 kr 110 kr
MODERN TECHNOLOGY 50 kr 80 kr 110 kr
TUBULAR RACE 50 kr 80 kr 110 kr
Dammsugarrock 50 kr 80 kr 110 kr

From the former group I played in, The old sin: CP Borrmaskinen I can offer you the vinyl-single Dammsugarrock recorded in 1987, The style is punk and I've got two boxes of them unpacked. New, but made in 1987. The price for them is in the table above.

"Postgiro" prices includes stamps, package and delivery. For "postförskott", bigger orders, orders from a foreign country or questions: please drop me an e-mail on this side: E-mail.

Postorder form (postgirot)Pay

If ordering on "postgiro". Fill in the "postgiro" paper form like this:

1. In the left field "Övriga meddelanden" write: which discs and how many of each you like to order. And if you like to have the records signed or unsigned as well as a personal greeting in the signing or not.

2. In the first right field "Till postgirokonto" write: 154 55 12-4.

3. In the second right field "Betalningsmottagare" write: Mats Nilsson.

4. In the third right field "Avsändare" write: your name and adress.

5. In the fourth right field "Svenska kronor and Öre": calculate the sum and write it down.

6.Pay in a bank or post live in person or at Internet.

As soon as I've got the money on my account I will send you the records!