December 29, 2004

Performed with the songs Adventure Bath, Stockholm Rap and Vacuumcleaner Rock at the Christmas Party at Stalo, Arvidsjaur, Sweden.

September 03, 2004

I visited Nathan Morley and Chris Yearley, both famous radio speaker at Radio Napa, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

December 06, 2003

I played at "Visfestivalen", Stockstugan, Arvidsjaur.

November 15, 2003

Release party for the new CD Tubular Race. Check out release details and samples, photos and texts.

October 27 2003

Sended away demos of the new recordings to Tina Stenberg; eJay, Germany; Radio Napa, Cyprus; P3 Demo, SR Stockholm and SR Norrbotten, Luleå.

Summer of 2003

I have been selling some records at the steam train this summer.

April 19 2003

A large article about the Easter Rock Concert including a big picture of Konrad Persson, Domino on the first page was in the local paper Norra Västerbotten. Also on the web at: www.norran.se.

April 17 2003

I played at the Easter Rock Concert at Flåsbodan, Glommersträsk, Sweden. A nice audience and some people also stagedived at my concert.

Year 2002 and the first quarter of 2003

Not much has happen in my music business this period. I haven't been on the stage for over a year and a half. Except for karaoke sessons at the distance university and the ferry between Stockholm-Helsinki at Christmas days 2002. Studies has taken up much time and also I have been lazy about updating this site.

August 04 2001

Today, the day before my 38:th birthday I've recieved a thanking e-mail from my favourite team Toronto Maple Leafs. They thanked me for my latest album: Modern Technology which I sended them as a present for the team and all workers on their home arena Air Canada Centre!

Later that evening there was the season ending tour on the historical steam train tour. Wayne Rahm, the chief of the train becomes historical when he buys 10 records of me. That is the biggest order in my career. The records are given as PR to the passengers.

July 08 2001

Selling my records on the steam train, Arvidsjaur-Slagnäs and Arvidsjaur-Moskosel. Plays them for the passengers in the tape recorder.

July 06 2001

Performed with five tunes at Nattivalen ("The Night Event"), Arvidsjaur.

June 16 2001

Making a 35 minutes show exclusively for Radio Napa, Cyprus with the radio stars Nathan Morley och Chris Yearley.

January 2001

The new song Shaking The Rooster recorded with Glenn " The Glider" Lundgren. The song is about Glenn! He likes big American glider cars from the 50's and the 60's. Also Take A Break In The Sun and You Left Me On The Dance Floor are recorded this month in Little turkey studio.

December 30 2000

The christmas party at Laponia Hotel were putted in to both of the local newspapers Norra Västerbotten och Piteå Tidningen.

December 28 2000

Performed at Laponia Hotel, Aridsjaur, arranged by ther music association Inlandskult ("Culture in the inner country of Northern Sweden"). Also I performed with this evenings great surprise Mats-Glenns med Usch!

November 16 2000

Sveriges Radio Norrbotten ("Swedens Radio, the North division") interviewed me live about my chart breaker on Radio Napa, Cyprus. The North Swedish radio also played the hitsong: Computer Nerd.

November 09 2000

Recieved a fax to the college school, Sandbackaskolan, in Arvidsjaur. It was from Radio Napa, Cyprus telling that I was on third place on their Top 5 list in Nathan Morley's Morning Show, producer Chris Yearley. The song that went up on the chart was Computer Nerd. I knew this message since a day back, but what was new to me was that I didn't know which song who had made it. Also I didn't know that I was before U2 with Beautiful Day on fifth place. On first place was Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams with Kids.

November 03 2000

Met my old friends: the Iraclides brothers, owners of the Sticky Fingers Rock Club of Rhodes, Greece. They played my new CD Modern Technology on the club and people started headbanging at Computer Nerd.

November 02 2000

Was on vacation on Rhodes, Greece and I personally gave away one CD for the NL Line Radio International Four hours later the CD was played at this radio station. Nice staff because they gave me and my uncle a cup of coffee.

October 16 2000

An article about the musiccafé and my performance at Medborgarhuset (" Civic Hall") could be read in the paper Norra Västerbotten.

October 13 2000

Performed at Medborgarhuset ("Civic Hall"), Arvidsjaur with the songs: The Greatest Mate, Vacuumcleaner Rock and Widescreen Japan. It was arranged by the local music association Music In Arvidsjaur (MIA).

September 18 2000

A good weekend with some selling of my new record at Medborgarhusets Höstyra ("The Civic Hall's Autumn Rapture"). And also two records sold by post.

September 04 2000

Sveriges Radio ("The national radio of Sweden"), Stockholm phoned me responding to my letter that they sure could buy two copies of my new record: Modern Technology.

Septmber 01 2000

Today it was printed about me in the local newspaper Norra Västerbotten. Now I have also sended away records to radio stations in Luleå, Sweden and Cyprus and Australia. Tomorrow I will send records to Finland.

August 30 2000

Now my record is released and can be bought from wednesday evening 08/30 at the following places in Arvidsjaur, Sweden: Statoil, Shell, Konsumhallen, Brännströms Radio & TV and Dannes Kyl och Ljud. It can also be bought from me personally. The price is 80 SEK (Swedish Krona). It can even be bought by post from me, but then I have to charge you for the shipping fee. The technical quality is better on on the real CD and the mp3 and cover samples on this website can't be compared to that.