January 12 2005

It has been some days since New Years Eve and the new year is a couple of days old. Just wanted to thank Lars Öhman, the technician and the audience at the Christmas party's rock'n roll at Stalo, Arvidsjaur, Sweden on 29th of December, 2004. Have been applying to another job today.

November 20 2004

This week I have applied to more job ads. The answer I often get is that the employer thanks for the participation. Someone else of the, 100-450 appliers has been offered the job. It's not easy in the engineering business either. But I have to struggle on! If there isn't any job to be available for my university degree I will look for jobs in another business. Temporary anyway! The situation with the music is that I haven't wrote anything for a long time. I have one tune that I have begin to sample, but have been putting it away for a while. Let's see when I continue it...

November 05 2004

The website is translated in Swedish! New styles on the buttons and also that images is in the images-folder on the server for downloading faster. Will do some more small changes later on. Will try the updates and the Swedish site if it works. Mail me if there is something wrong you see! It's the Eugén day today. It's my third surename. Still looking for jobs!

October 25 2004

Due to unserious entries the guestbook is down at the moment. On 15th of October I talked to the president of the local radio station in my new place Sigtuna/Märsta. Sigtuna Närradio is the name of it. I handed over my three CD:s to him and let's see if it's going to be played.

September 19 2004

I have a new site here and it's my CV. It's for employers that are interested in my education and background and also for people who are curious about what I have done. Well, I sended in my Tubular Race recordings to an engineer that I know and also to P3 Street. Let see if something happens about it. Different people have different favourites amongst my recordings. Nathan Morley, Radio Napa likes Vacuumcleaner Rock; Chris Yearley, Radio Napa have Take A Break In The Sun as favourite; Oreste Andrade Jr., Brazil likes Mattes Rapsody best and I like Computer Nerd best, I think. What's your favourite amongst my songs?

September 09 2004

Long time, no see! Well, much things have been going on outside the music life so I haven't got the time to update my website for almost ten months! The main reason has been that I have been studying. Now I'm ready with the university studies and I have all subjects done! I'm just waiting for the diploma and the title that is: bachelors degree in project management. Also I have been moving to Sigtuna and that is the municipal where I grew up. The nearby place called Märsta is the name of that place. Also I lived my first month in life in the nearby place Rosersberg and that is my place of birth as it stands in my passport. Been just travelling to Cyprus for a visit a Radio Napa and now I'm applying for jobs in the Stockholm/Uppsala area. I might do some songs later on if some new ideas comes up. The nearest project is trying to promote the recordings I did last year. I think of walking up to radio stations in the Stockholm area, maybe next week. Might come to Arvidsjaur for the Christmas season, but I don't know yet. It depends on if I can get a cheap flight ticket and if I'm having holiday at that time. Hope to see you in the future for some rock'n roll, rap or whatever is on my mind at that time...

November 17 2003

Thank you all who came to my releaseparty the latest Saturday, November 15 2003. And it was sad for you who couldn't make it, but I respect that. Another time, another chance. And I will play at "Visfestivalen", December 06 2003 at Stockstugan, Arvidsjaur. Today there is an article about me and the new CD in the local paper Norra Västerbotten. A huge picture and one half page article!

November 05 2003

The new CD is ready! What can I say? Over a month since I updated this website, a long time ago since I performed live and over three years since I made a record. Now I have updated this website and I will have a release party at Stockstugan Saturday, 15 November, 19 O'Clock. Check out release details and samples, photos and texts. So, I'm back in business and I hope you like it. See ya then!

September 30 2003

A couple of days late, but I'm updating this page and saying that the saxophone solos by Anders Sundqvist now are on two of my new tracks. That is engineered by Torgny Sandgren. I was thinking of getting out a new pressed CD, but sorry to say that it costs too much. I have also much to do when it's the last years of studies at university. I must try to take the examina at first hand. After that I need all money I can save for having an own home and settle down after the studies. I hope that you understand! However, when I get the time I will make a burned release of the latest recordings. Time and price for that I will put up on this side when it will be ready.

September 06 2003

Time flies and especially this summer has been ticking away. I haven't wrote here for a while, but I have been busy with different summerjobs like working in the pub at the steam train. Also I have been working with cleaning of different schools for the municipal. Besides that I have been taking the ECDL - an European drivers licence for computers including Windows XP and the Office package for the XP system. And now comes the best part. I have also been able to record some songs for the new album that I hope will come out before Christmas. It is almost ready except for some saxophone solos and layout of the CD and some paperworks of course. So until the release date I suggest that you're hanging out on this site.

June 26 2003

Well, it was over a month since I wrote here. Recently the "Musik I Viken" have been held in Moskosel. Sorry, I wasn't there, but it turned out to be a big success. Amongst the participants was a band from Chile! Yesterday, I started the recording of my four, new songs at Little turkey studio with Börje Reinholsson as technician and co producer. Today I have tasted an ice-cream that I haven't found since I was a kid. The place was Camp Gielas, Arvidsjaur and the ice-cream was Sitting Bull made by Sia. A nostalgic back trip with strawberry and vanilla ice-cream covered with sprinkles. And it tasted just like it used to do.

May 20 2003

Well, it was some weeks since I wrote here. I have been busy with school work. I was planning to record a couple of new songs at Börje's studio when his harddrive sadly got broken. I hope that he didn't loose his own songs that was in it as well as I can record some new songs in the nearest future.

April 29 2003

Hello, again! I have two songs ready with texts, music and arrangements. And also I have started written music to a third new song. This time the songs are a littler less rock, but samba, soul and a touch of sixties. New and old styles combined! As I said this is going to end up in a new CD at Christmas time. Until that you can buy my old CD:s and helping me finance the new one! I wish you a nice, long weekend, "Valborgsmässoafton".

April 21 2003

The Guestbook works again since a couple of days. Two days ago you could read about the Easter Rock Concert in the local newspaper Norra Västerbotten. Also on the web: Tomorrow I'm back in school again after the Easter Holiday. I think that we're going to start the recordings soon...

April 16 2003

There is something wrong with my guestbook when the link to that page is blank. I have seen other friends, like Börje, having the same problem with the guestbook provided by Alxnet. So I hope that they're going to fix it soon. Meantime you can send an ordinary mail to me. Right now the nearest thing for me is that I will play in Glommersträsk tomorrow, Easter thursday. I don't have a car so I think that the Poet, Diktar-Anders and I will rent a car for the gig tomorrow. The Poet and Diktar-Anders will read poems and I will play, but not on the same time. By the way I will play at 22.20. Cruise in at and read about the complete running order. Right now I'm sitting and thinking about my new songs and that we're going to start the recordings after the Easter holiday. I have another guest artist ready and he is a saxophone player. More I'm not going to tell now because a new album must have some secrets until the relase day. So to all of you I wish a Happy Easter!

April 09 2003

Discussed the new CD project with Börje Reinholdsson at the adventure bath in Arvidsjaur. Later that evening when walking home from the swimming house I discussed the plans with Johan Piribauer and we have now decided that the working group for the CD will be us tree. Me and Johan making the songs and Börje as a technician for the new CD. We will also play it, but addidtional musicians I'm having some ideas about and I'm not going to tell it yet since I haven't talk with them personally, but I think they will. Let's have it as a secret until the recordings begins...

April 06 2003

Everthing seems to work on my website now. I had some problem with the Java buttons, but that is now fixed. The only thing is that the time in the guestbook is one hour too late for beeing Swedish. When signing up I clicked in the Swedish (Stockholm) time and that we're having summertime, but that didn't help. But this is a small problem. So I hope that you're enjoying this site. Surf on!

April 05 2003

Long time, no see! Well, I have been having my site up but it was ages since I updated it. Much water has been pouring under the bridges of Arvidsjaur since you heard from me. I'm studying as I mentioned under the biography side. That and my interests in keeping in shape like swimming and playing tennis takes up time. Also the video gaming and computer stuff like web cruising, mailing and editing video films takes up time. But that's not a 100 % excuse for not updating my website. I've got a mail from a girl telling me that my web site wasn't updated for a long time! And I looked at it again and I realised that something had to be done. I knew it, but I were postponing the problem. It's fun making a website, but it must be updated at once when there is something new to add or else the pile of work will grow. Then it will be a mountain full of job. That was my case! I liked to update it since I believe it was a bit hard to navigate. Now there is all stuff of every cd on one start side. Also all photos have one start side Then you easier can navigate further in the subject. And then you also got my biography and every main subject on the buttons to the left at the home side. Also for the people in my home country Sweden your going to ask the question: "Why English?" The answer to that is that I've got friends abroad when travelling a lot and also some fans since the hit Computer Nerd in Cyprus and other songs have been played in radio stations in Rhodes, Finland and Japan. Almost every one learns English in school these days and in Sweden you learn it since grade 3. All this together with this new easy URL (Web adress) makes it easier for you to navigate and makes it also easier for me with the updating and control over the web site. If you have comments, wants something to be translated into Swedish, seeing something wrong in the programming you can mail me. Or if I'm lazy updating it again, but I will try to add the news under this side frequently. Check also new events. That is events were I will play on. If you're an artist that I know, but have forgot to put you on the links side you can also mail me if you like to be putted up there. The artist Mats Nilsson and the webmaster are the same person. Also I haven't been playing on stage for over a year and a half if you're not counting the karaoke sessions at different places like school parties and in the ferry Stockholm-Helsinki. Now I will soon play again at the Easter Rock Concert at Flåsbodan, Glommersträsk, Sweden. Also I'm planning a new CD! Much at once, but when the lion, that's my star sign, is waking up...