It all started in 1994 when I followed my parents to a vacation in Cyprus. We stayed at apartment hotel Alexia Court in Larnaca. I liked the island of Afrodite (Venus), the goodess of love, at once. The food like the special grilled haloumi cheese with grilled fillet of pork, the bouzoki and oriental music, the friendly people and the historical surroundings gave spice to my soul. Not forgetting the sun that was melting up my cold body from the snowy and windy Lapland, Sweden. I came back a numerous of time and at Xmas time 1998 I went there again. This time with my uncle and I had my brand new debut CD as a solo artist ready and with me. And that was also my first pressed compact disc ever. We were staying at an apartment hotel, Euro Napa in Ayia Napa. Once when we taking a walk in the town I saw a radio station. I hadn't the CD on me at that time, but I came back next day bringing it with me.

I had just one tune in English, Get-Get-Get The Alarm and one instrumental, Mattes Rapsody. I knew that they wouldn't play the Swedish songs and maybe they would play the English song. Get-Get-Get The Alarm is rather crazy. The rythm of it comes from two sampled alarm bells and the text are about modern life with much stress. The text I find both funny and up-to-date. Maybe the music were too crazy to be played in a radio station, I thought. I handed in the record personally to the Radio Napa and there sat Nathan Morley. I didn't know what he was then or the size of the radio station. I thought it was a small tourist station sending to the hotels in Ayia Napa. Later on I found out that the station broadcasts all over the Island, the greek part anyway. Nathan Morley spoke English fluent and I heard on the accent that he was and still are an Englishman. I said to him that one song is in English, one instrumental and the most on the debut CD SLIP, POP are in Swedish. He were nice and said that his girlfriend was from Finland and that she could translate the songs for him.

Well two weeks goes fast when on holiday and when I was at home I wondered if the record was played. Nathan promised me that the record was going to be played. He seemed to be a person to trust. I was at home and was studying like I have been for some years now. The month ticked away and then Nathan e-mailed my friend Johan Piribauer who was the chief of the music association Inlandskult at that time. The e-mail address on the back of the record was leading to Inlandskult. It looked more professional that way on the record, we thought. Nathan said to Johan that he was searching for me since Nathan wanted me live on Radio Napa. Johan phoned me immediately and he said that he first thought it was a joke, but he realised that it wasn't. So get prepared and Nathan will call you in ten minutes, said Johan. Johan gave the number to Nathan. I did like Johan said that I should think on what to say on the radio.

Suddenly, Nathan phoned me a few minutes before the live broadcast so I had a chance to prepare myself for the programme. Well, it was no problem with the talking when Nathan interviewed me live on the radio. Then he said that he should play Get-Get-Get The Alarm and I got surprised since I think the song is a bit crazy, but I didn't admit that in the radio. He putted the record on and wanted me to sing along in it. I have it easy forgetting how the text goes when I'm excited and nervous. So I said that I had the flew. It was a white lie and maybe it was bad to do, but I couldn't remember the lyrics. Immediately after the show I thought of why I didn't brought one copy of the CD SLIP, POP in front of me since all lyrics were printed in the booklet. Next time I will do that. If there was going to be a next time?

I looked up facts about Radio Napa on the Internet and then found out that Radio Napa was and still are the largest English Radio on the island of Cyprus. The station has a Greece section as well. Anyway the sunshine history from Cyprus gave me the idea of making a record with all English lyrics. The experience of writing in English wasn't a total new thing for me since 90 % of all my texts written are in English. I had just not been given out a record in English. I contacted my friend Börje Reinholdsson and he helped me with the new album Modern Technology that was recorded 2000 in his studio Little turkey. The name comes from the bird turkey and not from the country with same name. Börje is the drummer on the CP Borrmaskinen's first recording of Dammsugarrock (that version is not released) and he had also been participating in the Danish TV with the group X-Union. Other things that has happen him is that he is on a record of KISS covers that was made in the USA so it was going to be an honour having him as a producer of my second CD.

I mailed Nathan about the coming new CD already when we started the recording and later that year in the end of August I had it realesed. And Radio Napa were amongst the radio stations that I sended the record first to. And soon I've got a mail from Nathan asking about my fax number when he was going to send me a copy of a top list I was on his radio station. So I hadn't an own fax so I gave the number to the Sandbacka School were I was studying the science programme on college as an adult student. I was like a question mark and I wondered for myself what kind of list it was and what song that was choosen. I thought of my favourite The Greatest Mate, but in the afternoon before going home I went to the Schools office and the fax were there telling me that I was on the third place with the song Computer Nerd and that U2 were on the fifth place with the song Beautiful Day. You can see this two picture links if you like. One is the list and the other one is the cover of the magazine that the list were in. The list is showing that months best incoming, new songs to the English section of Radio Napa. Well, it was nice as well as "senseless" like my friend Wayne Rahm told me. This was good PR for me and that was getting a big article in my local paper Norra Västerbotten.

Cover of Xtreme Magazine - November 2000 Top 5 list - November 2000

In the summer of 2001 I went back to Cyprus with two new songs: Take A Break In The Sun and You Left Me On The Dance Floor. The first song is a contribution to Cyprus. I thought of just visiting Nathan Morley and Chris Yearley at Radio Napa, but they wanted me to do an own Radio Show. So I played those two songs live and also Computer Nerd and The Greatest Mate were played of the record in the programme. This with an interview was in my show for Radio Napa in June 2001.